Vigne Rada - di Alghero

Vigne RADA
The winery Vigne Rada was founded by Mr. Luigi Bardino in 2002. The aim was to give the autochthonous vine of Sardinia new qualitative momentum, or to interpret it in a contemporary way. Already after the first excellent vintages he finally decided, also supported by the sons Andrea and Gabriele, for the bottling and the marketing of their own wines. The current 21 hectares of vineyards spread out on the so-called Rada di Alghero, in the immediate vicinity of the Riviera del Corallo, in the north-west of Sardinia. The wines of the winery are a perfect expression of the local terroir. The Vermentino vines thrive on fine limestone soils that emphasize the necessary minerality, while the Cannonaupartly on sandy loamy soils and partly on skeletal rich soils. The intervention in the cellar is truly kept minimal for all wines. The wines of the winery can certainly be understood as the epitome of a contemporary, high-quality interpretation of traditional Sardinian wine.
Cannonau Riviera DOC
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18,40 EUR per liter
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