Balia di Zola

Balia di Zola
Balearic di Zola di Veruska Eluci Fiore Modigliana (Forli-Cesena) The master of Sangiovese, Vitrorio Fiore, creator of the brilliant Il Carbonaione, founded this winery with his daughter-in-law Veruska and son Claudio in 1999, with the vision that great Sangiovese is also outside Tuscany can grow. The estate, named after a 17th century building belonging to the winery, is located on the hillside around the town of Modigliana, where the vines are semicircular as in an amphitheater facing south-southwest. The special microclimate as well as the skeletal-rich Kalmergelboden and the low yields (about 1 kg / vine) make it possible to produce rich wines with great aging potential. It started with a vineyard of two hectares with over 40 years old vines. There are now five of them, as well as olive groves and woods. For fermentation, since 2008, the company's own autochthonous yeast strain has been used and pure-bred yeasts have been completely dispensed with.
Balia di Zola - Sangiovese Sup. „Balitore“ DOC 2015
The Sangiovese vine thrives here on marl and sandy soils with light limestone layers.
9,99 EUR
13,32 EUR per liter
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Balia di Zola - Sangiovese Riserva DOC „Redinoce“ 2012
The vines thrive on marl and sandy soils (250 a.s.l.), partly consisting of 50-year-old vines and partly from young autochthonous clones.
16,75 EUR
22,33 EUR per liter
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Besitzer: Veruska Eluci und Claudio Fiore
Gründung: 1999
Önologe: Claudio Fiore
Standort: Modigliana (FC)
Weinberge: 5 ha, kein Zukauf
Produktion: 30.000 Flaschen p.a.
Ausbau: Edelstahltanks, Tonneaux, Barriques